Fun engagement shoot ideas | Keep Calm, We’re getting hitched!

Fun engagement shoot ideas

Keep Calm, we’re getting hitched!

The Story of Jaimee & Andy

Quite the  cosmopolitan pair Jaimee & Andy have lived all over the globe but when dream jobs becon you take the call! Melbourne it turns out is where they are destined to lay their hat & call home, well at least for a now. They met in London in a bar, Jaimee was more interested in Andy’s cheeky grin and dimpled cheeks than the rugby game they were meant to be watching. After an hour of sneaky looks and shy smiles she finally plucked up the courage to approach him. The love bug had bitten and so their story begins.

Jaimee is passionate about fashion, frills & all things pink. Especially tiny little pink fingers & toes like those her business Bella Buttercup cater for. Andy loves all things green and is happiest pottering around in soil samples & under the sun as part of his daily grind. You might wonder how that works but with this cute couple it is simply effortless.

A little quirky wink from Jaimee & Andy is hooked, side splitting laughter ensues. Andy’s many faces earn him the title of the silliest of the two. He puts Jaimee in stitches daily, something she hopes will never end right up until they are old and grey. Her pearly whites are frequently on display for the world to see because the man she loves adores her, so much he’s even accepted the pink cushions on the couch. He shows her his love everyday by supporting and encouraging her in everything she attempts in her crazy frenetic life.

He knew she was special in all the right ways when she travelled the 25 miles to Windsor from London after hearing he was unwell . She stood in the street looking lost trying to work out why Google maps insisted on sending her to Windsor Castle. He saw her through the curtain, from that moment he knew she was the one. She had found her way to him carrying an armful of cuddles to help him get better. . He would keep falling for her just like she would continue to surprise him. His idea of happiness… waking up with her by his side half asleep each morning.

On her 30th birthday Andy would surprise her with a date to rival all dates. With full bellies from a beautiful meal at a local restaurant they wandered outside to be surprised, well at least Jaimee was. Greeted by a driver, with champagne on board he drove them to the beach where Andy would pop the question on the pier in the early evening sunlight. It sank in that Andy had just proposed, her face went blank and tears started rolling down cheeks. A moment he will never forget. Every minute of planning had been worth it for her tears of total joy & to hear that little word “yes!”

Driving along the beachfront watching the sun go down they headed to a hotel in the city.  They welcomed the night with cocktails and ice-cream on the river, such pure magic for her she secretly wished their perfect night wouldn’t end. Upon arriving back to the hotel he would cement how thoughtful he was,  she noticed a bag filled with three outfit choices for the following days birthday celebrations … just incase he chose the wrong one. As it does each day dawn crept in. It would be the start of a double celebration day surrounded by friends.

Ask Andy why he fell for Jaimee he would tell you “Because life is so easy, no games, just complete honesty. I felt I could be myself from the very beginning”

Ask Jaimee why she is still falling for Andy her answer will be “Because he makes me extremely happy, I can’t imagine my world without him”

With a gentle touch she holds his face in her hands, rubs noses & lets him know it could only be him she sees her future with. Years of laughs and tales to be told lay ahead for one of the most relaxed couples around. Enjoying the simple things together and walking through this life with a hop, skip & a jump.


We hope you enjoy seeing & hearing Andy & Jaimee’s story, if you like it let them know by commenting below 🙂

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Want to ride a Zebra? Shoot in a submarine? Hot Air Ballon your way into the next chapter? Were In 🙂

Send us a carrier pigeon or two and we will start packing our cameras.

Where are these great spots I hear you ask, Euroa Butter Factory for the most part & some more cracker spots around good Ol Euroa in North East Victoria.

Come say allo or invite us to come meet you on our next trip to the big smoke, we work all over this great country & abroad.

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