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Avenel Wedding Photographer | Fowles Winery | Sim+Rob

Avenel Wedding Photographer | Fowles Winery | Sim+Rob

Avenel Wedding Photographer | Laugh a minute with these two in front of the camera.

Here is a selection of their crackers in a mix of full colour, vintage tone and black+white!

To see their wedding slideshow simply click the arrow on image above^

Rob + Sim met through mutual friends with the first sighting being at the Swan Hotel in Richmond ( aka The dirty bird) Can’t say they were convinced! Not sure why Sim wasn’t, Rob was rocking a pretty mean Mohawk!  Luckily mates talked them into another meeting, thankfully the first impressions have changed! He knew she was “The One” when he found out she owned her own swag.Continue Reading..

Glen Erin Lancefield Wedding | Moo + Drew

Glen Erin Lancefield Wedding | Moo + Drew

Glen Erin Lancefield Wedding

Teacher Knows Best
Melinda + Andrew’s Love Story

Once upon a time there was a girl named Melinda and a boy named Andrew – otherwise known as Moo and Drew by those near and dear. For many years, they lived separate lives, unaware the other even existed. Though at times they were surrounded by others, over time they both felt a growing sense of loneliness. Something was missing from their happiness puzzle. Then one day, as fate would have it, through teaching they met. It was not love at first sight. He noticed she wasn’t exactly a whizz at maths. For her, his utter disregard for “Use by” dates was concerning to say the least. However very quickly they became great friends. From workplace games of hide-and-seek with rotting food to nights spent checking out their favourite bands, drinking, arguing, drinking some more and laughing. Sitting on a picnic blanket at his birthday, Moo noticed Drew standing by the bank of the Yarra and found herself admiring him like never before. She realised that this funny, creative, cheeky, mischievous man with a solid sense of adventure was the love of her life. Some time later, and after much consideration, Drew asked a question: “So I put it to you then… Do you want to risk it all and try boyfriend/girlfriend?” Well that was the gist of what the text message said. After some negotiating, Moo was on board. MooDrew was born.Continue Reading..

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