Euroa Portrait Photographer | Cam, Jas + Indie

Euroa Portrait Photographer

Cam, Jas + Indie

Euroa Portrait Photographer Mister+Lady got to hang out a few weeks ago with this ace little family.

To watch their slideshow hit the play button above^

Babymoons are awesome, it’s so lovely to experience the wonder right along with you. Cam, Jas and Indie we think your tops. Jas your “happy tears” are always welcome here in the studio like they were after seeing this beautifully honest snapshot of your lives.

Treasured always, these will be so cool for Indie to see how special this time was when she is growing up.

Welcome to the world little Indie. Everyone is so pleased to meet you. You make mum and dad smile a mile wide and have a overwhelming sense of pride.

Mister+LadyContinue Reading..

Defining Motherhood – Aoife

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Defining Motherhood


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At the time of this session Aoife was new to town, was looking after 3 small kids under 4 and a expecting a beautiful new baby girl in less than 2 weeks. Documenting possibly her last pregnancy and the exciting times that lay ahead for them as they begin to build their dream home in the country. Living in a rental property can be seen as difficult for most, not much flexibility and when its 40 degrees and you want an air conditioner installed it can be a challenge. Aoife and Paul instead relish the sense of freedom that comes from having most of your life packed away in boxes. It doesn’t matter that the kids have toys spread all over the house, it’s real life in it’s simplest form… and its beautiful.

Hear how Aoife defines motherhood is our ongoing book project ‘defining motherhood’ . For now you can get to know her better by reading her 2015 Family Album Story below.Continue Reading..

Newborns by Mister+Lady | A New Beginning

Newborns by Mister+Lady | A New Beginning

The story of Tristan, Chenoah & Anja

On a trip to canada late one evening seeing one little line it turns out would spell for both Tristan & Chenoah the beginning of a very new exciting chapter in their lives. They would welcome a much loved, most cherished & spirited soul into this world.Continue Reading..

Birth Photography by Mister+Lady | Welcoming Aliana

The Story of Brian, Katheryn, Bianca, Ryan & Aliana

Brian & Katheryn were due to welcome their new addition to the family by scheduled C section. This was to be a family affair as it was shared with both his and her parents and his brother & sister-in-law. Giggles, laughter and joking could be heard as the preparations were being made. Katheryn excitedly chatters and enjoys feeling those last few kicks and turns.Continue Reading..

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