Avenel Wedding Photographer | Fowles Winery | Sim+Rob

Avenel Wedding Photographer | Fowles Winery | Sim+Rob

Avenel Wedding Photographer | Laugh a minute with these two in front of the camera.

Here is a selection of their crackers in a mix of full colour, vintage tone and black+white!

To see their wedding slideshow simply click the arrow on image above^

Rob + Sim met through mutual friends with the first sighting being at the Swan Hotel in Richmond ( aka The dirty bird) Can’t say they were convinced! Not sure why Sim wasn’t, Rob was rocking a pretty mean Mohawk!  Luckily mates talked them into another meeting, thankfully the first impressions have changed! He knew she was “The One” when he found out she owned her own swag.Continue Reading..

Rob + Nicky – Fowles Wedding – Killeen Station Longwood

Fowles Wedding – Killeen Station Longwood


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Take my hand and dance with me | Rob + Nicky’s Adventures So Far

On tyre tubes in a Guatemalan river, a confident young English woman with long blonde hair met an energetic Australian bloke with pale blue eyes as clear as crystal. She was travelling north after a hospital placement in Costa Rica as part of her medical degree, he was travelling south accompanied by his brother Stu and friends. Days were spent discussing life’s adventures, rescuing her flip flops, admiring her Spanish skills and how incredibly a bikini clung to her body. Being slightly unkempt with wild sandy coloured hair only reeled her in more as he began impressing her with his solid core values and uncanny ability for spotting wildlife from a mile away. During the rise and fall of two Central American sunsets, the free spirits talked well into the dark about their beliefs that life was for exploring this earth and enjoying whatever time we have. As he took the steps onto his next bus she fought the urge to hug him, awkwardly they said their goodbyes. A wave of sadness washed over her, she realised now that something was missing that she hadn’t felt before.Continue Reading..

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