Weddings by Mister+Lady| A Perfect Match

Weddings by Mister+Lady| A Perfect Match

The Story of Ben & Jaimie’s Wedding Day

The night before Ben & Jaimie wed a welcome breeze picked up after a run of 35 degree days. Almost as though the guests from Fremantle WA had brought with them the evening sea breeze. Ben, a bit traditional at heart had decided spending the night apart before the big day was the way it should be done. He kissed her goodnight & before leaving slipped into her hand a token of how long he wanted to be with her. A sparkling eternity ring.

You never sleep well when the other half of your bed is empty when it should be filled with the warmth of your partner. Eyelids eventually got heavy, minds switched off and when they woke the sun had risen behind a cloudy sky keeping the heat at bay. Today was the day to celebrate becoming their own family. Calm washed over both Ben & Jaimie, after 12 months of planning it was finally here. It’s a rare occasion that gets everyone together and they were going to make the most of it. Letting their hair down and simply enjoying the whole weekend was the plan before boarding a big jet plane to Noosa for their honeymoon.

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Mister+Lady |Destination Wedding Album Video

Thai-ing the Knot |Destination Wedding Album Video

Won’t it be nice holding this in your hands after your wedding cake has been demolished, the venue has long cleaned up after the party and your flowers have wilted. Good news is they will all live on in their former glory for now and 100+ years through these incredible fine art albums. Take a peek at the gorgeously tactile album from one of our amazing destination weddings.

The size is perfect to hold in your hands and fits in your bookshelf like a glove. The paper, so soft and ever so slightly textured. Your album will tell your story in pictures and words. Future generations can still get to know all the details of your wedding day when your’e no longer around to tell it. Let them hold you in their hands

Mister+Lady | Wedding Album Video


Commercial Lifestyle Photography by Mister+Lady | Wine By Sam

Commercial Lifestyle by Mister+Lady | Wine X Sam

The story of Wine X Sam

You could be forgiven for thinking that these guys are truly living the dream. Fantastic workplace, staff & a great little family. Personality plus and a quality product to boot all with adoring fans loving your wine and your brand. Wine X Sam is one of those standout wine makers in the marketplace as they are happy to simply be who they are.Continue Reading..

Intimate Weddings by Mister+Lady | Miles of smiles

Intimate Weddings by Mister+Lady | Miles of smiles

The Story of Arnie & Debby

Sometimes you come across a place that feels magical. You don’t know why but you just feel it, a calm that lingers and envelops you. Myra Park in Boho is one of those places. Standing amongst the ruins of over a 100 year old mud hut Debby and Arnie would look at each other and promise themselves to each other for now and always. An intimate wedding where close family and friends would gather is how they chose to celebrate their coming together from oceans apart…to read more and see more pickies click hereContinue Reading..

Celebrations by Mister+Lady | 80 and still a gentle man

Celebrations by Mister+Lady | 80 and still a gentle man

The Story of Harold’s 80th Birthday Celebration

A gorgeous clear blue sky would be reign overhead when Harold’s and his family’s 2 years in the planning would come together to celebrate the milestone of his 80th. Each ten years marks another decade of living a life surrounded by good friends and family and his lovely wife Roma. Almost immediately he begins to look forward to the next milestone as soon as one party is tidied up…to read more and see more pickies click hereContinue Reading..

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