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The story of Andrew & Bridie’s Wedding

Ask Bridie what she likes about Andrew, he’s loyal with a kind heart. 
Ask Andrew what he likes about Bridie, she’s smart with pretty good legs. 
Perfect compatibility… indeed.

March 28th 2015 marked the day they would say I do sheltered by the leafy canopy of the huge plane trees at Euroa Butter Factory in the north-east of Victoria. Sun shining along the way the guests travelled from near and far to the small town. Birthplace of Merv Hughes with a population of around 3,000 the town proudly boasts two creeks, and two pubs.

At his family farm in Miepoll Andrew quietly gathered his thoughts and read a card Bridie had left for him. She loved him more than pizza and couldn’t wait to be his wife. He laughed at the gems of wisdom his 4th  grade students had given him such as “do what your wife asks or else you’ll be on the couch!”

Surrounded by pictures of generations at their weddings he began getting ready for the journey down the aisle by slipping into some red socks just like the ones he wore the first night they met. Bridie sat in the make up chair busily managing all the tasks that were to be done by her gathering of friends and family. Slipping into her magnificent dress her mind wandered to when she would walk out to greet the eager father of the bride. They had spent the previous evening sipping cognac and listening to old country and western tunes, a time spent with him that she will always remember.

‘Love is the end’ by Keane plays out of the speakers to signal that she is coming to him ‘Now is the time of our comfort and plenty – These are the days we’ve been working for – Nothing can touch us and nothing can harm us – No, nothing goes wrong anymore’. Their eyes lock eyes on each other and as she turns the corner as murphy’s law would have it her long veil catches ironically on the bracken causing everyone to giggle as the tension breaks. Smiles dance over the sea of faces gathered to see them make the commitment of a lifetime. After some exchanging of vows, rings, some lip-locking and cheering the deal was sealed.

Gathered in the courtyard for a celebration under the stars they dined and let their hair down as they span on the dancefloor and shuffled their feet to the tunes of the pumping band. Speeches brought highlights for them both with both humour and emotion. Bridie walks to her dad and hugs him tightly as he breaks down during his speech, overwhelmed by his little girl now a being a grown woman. His pride in her unmeasurable. A simple “I love you” in front of the crowd would warm the heart of Andrew’s adoring new wife Bridie as as they are words rarely spoken but when said have real meaning, she knows he means every word in that moment. A surprise message would floor Andrew, his eyes lit up in disbelief as his hero Paul Roos, Melbourne Football Club coach, gave him some sound advice about marriage. Bridie had been sneaky in orchestrating this one thing she knew would delight him to no end.

David Gray gave them permission to Sail Away in the moment as they swayed to their first dance together as husband and wife. Slowly the crowds gathered around them swirling the air around them on the dancefloor. Sparklers were lit bringing out the inner child in everyone as they span golden circles & chevron stripes through the night sky adding to the electric atmosphere. The party wound down, shuttle buses took everyone home safely and as Andrew stayed up drinking into the night with his new Father in Law Bridie decided it was time for bed.

Waking to their first day of married life they gathered their belongings and headed back to the farm. Homemade wood fired pizzas soaked up the drink from the night before and lawn games entertained little and big kids alike on the green grass surrounding the house.

With only one more sleep till they would board a plane to Bali for a blissful romantic escape their only task now would be a simple one, never losing sight of the most important part, each other.

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