Weddings by Mister+Lady |3 of a kind

Weddings by Mister+Lady | Three of a kind

The story of Sarah+Lee’s wedding.

It was across the globe in London 7 years ago was when these two laid eyes on each other for the first time. The minute their eyes met the connection was instant and it was to be the beginning of the best kind of crazy whirlwind adventure either had embarked upon. Who would have known a chance meeting of his friends on the tube would lead Sarah to the man she would marry.

In the halls of their hostel in Hammersmith Lee first laid eyes on Sarah walking around wearing her mini denim skirt & biohazard ugg boots. She was indeed really, really, ridiculously good looking there was no doubt. He locked in on her beautiful eyes and that was it, he was hooked. It took only days to exit the friend zone when later that week they were to share their first kiss. His kind face, deep intense eyes and sheepish grin were irresistible to her.

They welcomed a tiny little human Oliver into their life within the first year of their relationship . Lee was never more proud of her than during his birth, she showed him a strength he had never before seen. A love so unlike any other they would share together, a connection to their little boy no-one could deny. He would go to the end of the world for his little family, there was pure delight in watching them play & seeing her guide him. Together they would discover that the craziest ride of their lives was going to certainly be the best.

Over the years, he grew to love everything about her. Her kindness to others, her sense of fun , even her goofy jokes. Being together was just so easy for them both, when you know, you know. Both allowed each other to be who they truly were.  Natural acceptance of their traits complimented each of their lives and shaped young Ollie. They knew it was with each other that they wanted to spend the rest of their days.

Sarah always thought she would twig the day he was going to propose, it turns out she was about to be pleasantly surprised. Hiring a babysitter & going out for dinner wasn’t normal by any means but they were on holidays in Bali, anything could happen. It was luckily a quiet night at her favourite French restaurant and as the last couple dining across from them left they relished having the place to themselves.

Faintly a funky Balinese version of culture club “do you really want to hurt me” started playing and Lee knew it was time to get down on one knee and pop the question. It wasn’t going to get better than this. For a moment the world fell away. Sarah saw him at his most romantic and after a resounding yes they walked onto the outdoor terrace overlooking the ocean.

Tempo changed as old French music started to play them into the next chapter of their lives. The owner swept up by the proposal gave them a chilled bottle of French champagne to mark the occasion in style. Soaking in every moment they sipped their drinks and thought of what lay ahead for them.

March 14th was marked the day. It was to be exactly as they had wanted. Understated & Elegant. Staying true to themselves they were to break with convention and do it their own way. They would say I do at a historic building in the city where if walls could talk they would still be silent, keeping their secrets. In the private courtyard under the dappled light filtering through the evergreen trees they would vow to be there for each other.

The sun slowly set as they mingled with family & friends of old and heard speeches that warmed their hearts, Ollie sharing in their day every step of the way. The time came to say goodbye to those ready to retire for the evening and through a sea of friendly hands they left some of their companions to exit into the city streets. Tram lights lighting the way guiding them to a waiting cab.

Kicking off the start of married life together they celebrated into the night at Trunk Bar on exhibition. On the wet pavement outside lay a deck of cards, summing up their day in just 5. The King & Queen of hearts followed by one ace kid, 2 gentlemen by their side in their club & the 7 diamonds showing the beauty of friendship. Their closest friends had supported them over the years and Sarah & Lee continued to be the example of how wonderful life can be if you just take a chance, hold on tight and let life lead you in the right direction. Right to each other.


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Comments ( 4 )
  • Penny Campbell says:

    Words fail me. The most beautiful record of the most perfect day for the most special couple and our most favourite young man. Who could ask for more? Very proud mother of the bride

    • Mister+Lady says:

      Awww Penny, you and your family are very special people. So wonderful to spend the day with you all. I totally understand why you would be so proud of this little threesome 🙂

  • june battistello says:

    It was an amazing wedding, we felt very privileged to be part of such a wonderful day. We were made to feel very welcome and part of the family. The photos are stunning.
    What more can we say… we wish you all the very best in your new life together.
    With love,
    June and Robert

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