Theatre Company Photography by Mister+Lady |Making Beautiful Art

Theatre Company Photography by Mister+Lady | Making Beautiful Art

Construction of the Human Heart

Making Beautiful Art | Mister+Lady

Making Beautiful Art | Mister+Lady

We worked with The Apocalypse Theatre Company recently for their upcoming performance of Construction of the Human Heart. It’s a complex performance in it’s emotional journey yet visually very stripped back. Simplicity is the hardest thing to do well but the cast and director Dino Dimitriadis utterly nailed it. Creating these images was a life changing experience. It has sparked a passion for collaboration with those involved with theatre.

The sheer joy of working with other creatives was overwhelming. We laughed, cried and had a tonne of fun… mainly poking it at ourselves. All the while we had a professional and successful outcome for everyone. It was such a thrill to work with such talented performers and a director who knew perfectly how to get the most from his actors by saying a simple word. Prior preparation was key to the successfully smooth creation of this work. Multiple meetings about the look and feel of the images explored mood boards and concepts based on what Dino had told us about the play.

In a nut shell we were all on the same page and had a shot list ready to start ticking off. Everyone appreciated how quickly the session ran and helped keep everyone focused on their part in the day. Soon the lights were packed away and it was time to download the files. The results speak for themselves. They are striking, emotive, beautiful and simple. Just what the director ordered! Thank you so much to Dino at The Apocalypse Theatre Company for selecting us to work with and we can’t wait for the next performance.

Please keep supporting great Australian arts initiatives like this and visit their campaign page at Pozible

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Construction of the Heart


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