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We are very lucky in our work to be privy to some spectacular properties through our real estate commercial work. This is no exception. We recently photographed this architecturally designed home set in a picturesque vineyard in north east Victoria. It’s enough to make anyone a little jealous.

Real Estate photography when done properly allows the prospective buyer to see a space clearly and with retained detail both inside and outside. You can then begin to imagine how it would feel on a sunny summers day to laze in that infinity pool enjoying the view before you. You can begin to picture your kids running through their long bedroom playing tag and wrestling in the mud on your own footy oval. This is very technical type of work that requires time and patience to get it right so that we can do justice for both the vendor and listing agent. The right gear is essential here to be able to realistically show the size of the space without a nasty surprise when seen in real life.

The ability to produce the final image through skill full post production is an art in itself as we always aim to ensure the image is looking natural and not overdone. We look forward to seeing many more properties like this as we partner with Landmark Harcourts. Many thanks to John Stringer for entrusting us with this highly technical project for his very valued client 🙂


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