Newborns by Mister+Lady | A New Beginning

Newborns by Mister+Lady | A New Beginning

The story of Tristan, Chenoah & Anja

On a trip to canada late one evening seeing one little line it turns out would spell for both Tristan & Chenoah the beginning of a very new exciting chapter in their lives. They would welcome a much loved, most cherished & spirited soul into this world.

Busy was a understatement as they now prepared their newly purchased home for the safe arrival of their little bundle. Up to their eyeballs in paint cans & tools they waded their way through 8 months of growth in more ways than one. Late night discussions about what values they would impart onto their newborn baby and which car seat was safest spun around in their minds. Who would teach her to have a sense of adventure and enjoy every second of a challenge.

Together in perfect unison they would teach her right from wrong and to think deeply about her actions. Just as importantly when to ignore the rules as staying true to herself will be her most valuable asset. She will know it’s ok to have an opinion and conviction. Also be kind to others because you never know what someone might be going through. Now two new parents who finally both found some harmony, stability &  a sense of who each other was and couldn’t want for more. One very special soul who is now so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful, intelligent & wise role models. Welcome to the world Anja.

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