Portraits by Mister+Lady | Play, Laughter and Alphabetised Books

Mister+Lady Portraits | The story of Stu, Em & Charlie

Spending time taking portraits of this fun, carefree & witty family is effortless. There is nothing quite like the warmth of Em’s smile as she greets you at the door, her whole face lights up. You know the kind of person who you instantly feel at ease with. Her passion is everything 80’s and it well and truly lives on in this house. From the tunes playing through the dock on Pandora, prints on the walls to the clothes collection she currently can’t fit into. Yep, bubba No 2 is on the way.

Charlie will soon be a big brother and that’s perfect because he loves to play with other kids and he is remarkably gentle. Little Charlie is almost 1 so Em and Stu will have their hands wonderfully full come November. They pull out Chi Chi’s  first romper and find it hard to believe just how small it is already. Excited by the idea of once again pulling through delicate fingers the end of a sleeve and struggling with all those press studs on a tiny newborn. The first time around was tricky. As new parents of a baby who wasn’t too keen on sleep they wondered what they had gotten themselves into. Now they are all over it. Good luck getting anything past these guys now No 2 aka Barry, Stu’s affectionate nickname.

Even though Stu and Em couldn’t be more different sometimes there are a few things they agree on , one being that the books should indeed be alphabetised. At least the ones Chi Chi can’t reach! Footsteps and laughter rings out as they play their favourite game ‘let’s chase mummy’. At the end of a busy day filled with story time, floor play, and yummy home-made meals its time to pack away all the paraphernalia and settle down for a snuggle. Looking forward to meeting Barry on our next encounter and documenting how wonderful double trouble can be. Thank-you for letting us into your hearts and home to tell your story 🙂

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