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Mister+Lady | Euroa Butter Factory | One Day.. Home

The Story of Russ, Bec, Will, Ollie, Cam & a beautiful old butter factory.


3 years ago, the idea of being 7,911 km away was both an exciting and scary proposition. Russ had been offered a job just too good to pass up in Hanoi Vietnam. It was to be an adventure for the whole family and offer them the opportunity to have their lives enriched by being together immersed in a completely different culture. Some would see it as a challenge too great, for Russ & Bec it was just another string in their bow of the crazy chaotic life they relished. It would however mean leaving behind their beloved Butter Factory.

Life up to this point had meant having three small children each with endearing qualities, a marvelous old butter factory and establishing a thriving business all whilst Russ maintained his job in Melbourne to help fund the dream. During the week Bec worked hard on the property and running it as a boutique bed and breakfast. Both were working so hard to realize their dream of one day turning the blueprint of what it could be in their minds into a reality.

Their weekends were consumed with getting closer and closer to crafting the old girl with the drafty halls into a place that would welcome you as you stepped over the threshold.  All they wanted was to have people come from all over to appreciate what it was they loved about their incredible building that was steeped in history. But unfortunately dreams cost dollars so Hanoi Vietnam was to be where they could take a break, save some pennies and implement some long term plans from afar, knowing one day they would return.

Euroa Butter Factory is more than an old historic building and a place where guests can stay, dine & even have their wedding celebration, it was their family home. It was where the kids had spent so many hours roaming the vast expanse of the old factory floor. Day after day exploring, engaging with the guests, throwing a line into the creek, working with mum and dad to build something in the backyard. For Will & Ollie living in Hanoi would mean a totally different life and for Cam it would be all he had ever known.

After buying the old girl at an auction years earlier the Euroa Butter factory had become a part of their family that they had nurtured. Establishing a business demands an incredible amount of time & effort, it consumes you and drives you to always be striving for the best it can be.

Over three years they have come back for many visits and thought of the day when they would return, this visit was no different. With the butter factory booked out they stayed at another local holiday home and spent their days at the butter factory. Coming home is always a chance for the boys to reconnect with Nanny Jane from the beach with the incredible crystal green eyes & softly spoken words of encouragement, Granddad Dick all the way from SA who gives great squeezy cuddles and Joy their old friend who they spend hours making cubbies and playing games with. These three very important people amongst others support Bec and Russ with the boys whilst they tend to their other baby, and for that they will always be grateful.


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