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Portraits by Mister+Lady | The story of Andy, Sarah & Sebastian

It’s was a sunny tuesday morning and the air was electric as it was an exciting morning for this young family. A house they were interested in was up for auction the next day and they were weighing up the pros and cons of a potential move. Dreaming of more space for little sebastian to play outside and spread their wings a little more. Even though there was a goal to move on eventually you could tell that this little flat housed memories of their life both BC(BeforeChildren) and AS(AfterSebastian).

You can hear the intellectual psychological debates in the lounge, the sound of Andy’s bands music coming out of the old wooden speakers, the flip of a page as Sarah quietly devours more pages of her latest favourite book and the rhythmic tiny bouncing feet of Sebastian as mum allows him to find his feet on the floor. Sebastian is lucky to be growing up in a home where art, music & poetry are valued and enriches the lives of this quiet, warm and compassionate family. The softness of Dad calling his little boy Darling melts the heart a little. What a lovely way to spend a morning. Thankyou for allowing us to spend a few hours in your world documenting your life. It is a privilege to be your family’s photographers. Next time we meet Seb will be well and truly on the move, you may also have a new home to document the next chapter in 🙂 Till next year!

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