The Wedding Coop | 2015 Winners | Meredith+Kevin

The Wedding Coop | 2015  | Kevin + Meredith’s love story

On a wonderfully sunny day December 4th  2015 we had the privilege of capturing the next chapter in Kevin + Meredith’s gorgeous whirlwind love story at the Euroa Butter Factory. Earlier in the year they had remarkably won The Wedding Coop intimate wedding giveaway and now all their dreams of that day were coming true. Together they celebrated a joyous day as they entwined their lives together officially with their nearest and dearest in such an honest and humble way. Capturing how much you are head over heels for each other is so easy with your grace and eternal positive attitudes. Loved getting to know your family and friends better, you surround yourself with such wonderful companions.

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Meredith tells the love story of how they met – Love at first sight

Kevin and I met at Berlin Airport on December 29, 2007.  I was flying over for work to view an exhibition space, and my then agent had lined me up with an apartment in the city through a contact of hers. This contact happened to be Kevin’s then bosses girlfriend, Annelie Guthoff. Annelie was meant to come and collect me from the airport on the night I flew in, but due to other plans, asked Kevin if he would do her a favour and pick up ‘An Australian Artist’ from the airport. It was a freezing, snowy Saturday night and he could think of many better things to be doing, but in his usual polite and helpful way, and also to please the boss (!) Kevin agreed. Kevin expected a middle aged artist with a turban, moo moo and a few earrings. I hopped of the plane looking for a middle aged African German Woman, Annelie Guthoff, as described to me by my agent. As the arrivals gate cleared to almost empty, I noticed Mr Lindemann approaching a few women unsuccessfully. I felt a magnetism across the room, something I’d never felt before. I didn’t know this person yet had known him forever. He had spotted me too, something I didn’t realise.

Kevin was so kind, taking my suitcase to the car and then taking the most circuitous route through the whole of Berlin back to the apartment so we had as much time to talk as possible. He got me settled, turning on the heating and the lights, and then asking if I needed any shopping done for me as it was snowing, pitch black outside, and I didn’t speak a word of German. When he left that night and I said goodbye, we parted without each other numbers or anything said. As he left, I rested my head against the door and couldn’t believe it.

The next day, Annelie Guthoff called to apologise that she couldn’t make it to the airport and asked if she could come and meet me. She arrived at her own apartment and we made tea. She spent the next hour or so summing me up, and then before she left asked ‘So how did you get on yesterday with Mr Lindemann?’ and I said ‘Very well, thank you’. I’m sure I was blushing. She then said ‘Because he’d said if he’d had another half hour in the car with you he’d have to marry you’…and that was it. I nearly fell of the sofa. She said she assumed she had permission to forward Kevin my phone number and he called me the next day, asking me out for lunch. I had plans that week, including a special friend Lucy arriving from Moscow to stay for a few nights visit. I wanted to do the right thing and knew this was too big an event to rush, so we didn’t connect until later in the week.

Due to Kevin’s work, our next and only other meeting was when he came to pick me up from Annelie’s apartment and take me to the airport again to fly to Paris. I was sure that one of us would say something in the car. We laughed and chatted the whole way, our language barriers were very entertaining! Alas, I got the airport and nothing was said. I went into the departures lounge and Kevin drove home. I got to Paris and all my plans of strolling the streets and soaking up the art and culture of the city melted away. I called my mum and told her I was in love. As this was quite unusual behaviour for me, she took me very seriously and told me I needed to go back to Berlin ASAP! I will love her forever for her faith in me and her unwavering support.

I sat down in my little hotel room in St Germain, writing Kevin a letter (fully illustrated!) and was planning to go and post it when I realised it would likely arrive to him too late and I’d be on my way back home to Australia. So rather then post it, I thought I’d be better to hand deliver it. I had his business card in my pocket and wrote him a message, ‘Mr Lindemann, I wish you were here’. He wrote back ‘Anywhere with you’. Little did I know, friends and family had been throwing money at him to come and find me in Paris, as he had been feeling the same. Upon receiving his message, I checked out of my hotel and got the first taxi to Paris airport. I booked the first flight to Berlin and arrived that night where he came to pick me up, where me met, and we have been together ever since. We knew each other for less than ninety minutes before committing to each other, knew nothing much about each other but everything was there and has grown for the last eight years into a beautiful, loving, wonderful relationship. After returning to Australia to pack up my life and work, we moved in together straight away and have lived side by side ever since. We have had so many adventures together – travels, houses, projects…and we look so forward to our future.

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Now a recap to where it all began!

It started with a crazy idea. We had a mission… let’s make a couple so happy they would jump out of their skins with excitement. Euroa butter factory jumped onboard with enthusiasm so we developed a brand “The Wedding Coop” and quickly set about getting the word out there that we would be giving away an intimate wedding! What a wedding it was, couldn’t have dreamt of a better day for them both.

Kevin + Meredith submitted this beautiful little video that won their intimate wedding with “The Wedding Coop”



We would like to take the time to thank those who made it happen that were part of this years Wedding Coop giveaway. So much thanks and appreciation to all who made this dream for Kevin + Meredith come true. Your support and generosity is always appreciated by everyone involved.

Mister+Lady – US!

Yes, we are patting ourselves on the back too. For the last year we have been working hard co-ordinating taking our comp to the state through 2 bridal fairs, many hours of administration, marketing, designing, planning and even stop motion video creation went into making this all happen. Along the way we met some gorgeous couples during the runner up engagement shoots, have even photographed one of their weddings already too! Kevin + Meredith, knowing for many years you will turn the pages often of your gorgeous fine art album and gaze upon your wall prints makes us thrilled. Allow them to be that doorway back to this magical day. It has been so delightful to see how truly grateful & appreciative you are. We are so very happy you have become our dear friends.

Euroa Butter Factory

For sharing the load with the bridal fairs, generously donating a ceremony space, accomodation for Kevin + Meredith and meals and drinks for 25 guests. Thank-you! You also gave them a weekend away at the beautiful Euroa Butter Factory where they would first lay eyes on the venue of their dreams, it truly took their breath away.  Co-ordinating an event regardless of it’s size is quite the challenge and you did so as always with a smile on your faces and warmth in your hearts. We are so thankful that we get to work with such lovely people.

Georgie Campbell Flowers

Georgie helped us out by giving her time and donating her incredible flowers. For your artistry we are eternally grateful, you got it spot on with bringing Meredith’s gorgeous paintings to life. You even jazzed up our stand at One Fine Day wedding fair. Thank you Georgie.

Oh U Pretty Things Films

Dijana put her hand up too to give them gorgeous moving memories. We know they will watch this over and over again and cherish it like gold. Thank you for your time in capturing and editing this little epic love story.

Click Below to see it!

Next year we hope it will be even bigger and better with more giving vendors onboard.


Here are the other fabulous vendors Kevin & Meredith hired to make their wedding dreams come true 🙂

You can click suppliers name to be taken to their website

Beautiful Invites: Meredith Gaston herself!

Wonderful Celebrant Ally: Life and Times Celebrancy

Hair Do’s by: Wisteria Cottage

Meredith’s Stunning Dress by: Maria Gonzalez

Kevin’s dapper Suit + Bow-Tie by: Hugo Boss

Make-up dewiness and laughs a plenty by: George (aka) gou gou

The Woodland Arch – Kevin + Best mate Benny!

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  • Kath and Jesse says:

    We had been waiting to see these 🙂 absolutely beautiful and completely stunning (as we expected). What an amazing story! Wishing you both trillions of years of happiness and adventures! Kath and Jesse

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