Euroa Butter Factory Wedding Photographer |Zoe+Matt

Euroa Butter Factory Wedding Photographer |Zoe+Matt

After being together for 14 years, and engaged for the past 7 of those, we decided to celebrate what we have together, with all our amazing family and friends.
On the 13th of February 2016 we stood under some beautiful plane trees at The Euroa Butter Factory, and smiling ear to ear, we got married.
We are so lucky to have each other’s love, friendship and support.
What a beautiful day celebrating happiness!

Zoe and Matthew Wisdom

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His + Her Ink: Matt + Zoe at Melbourne Tattoo Company for website click here

Photography: Mister+Lady your on our website 🙂

Ceremony Venue: Euroa Butter Factory for website click here

Reception Venue: Euroa Butter Factory for website click here

Dress: Lover The Label  for website click here

Her Shoes: Scanlan Theodore for website click here

Suit: Canali by Henry Bucks for website click here

His Shoes: John Lobb by Double Monk for website click here

Make Up: Heather Woll for website click here

Hair: Heather Woll for website click here

Flowers: Blooms On Bridge for website click here

Cake: Euroa Butter Factory for website click here

Celebrant: Paul Atherton for website click here 

Her Ring: Keshett for website click here

His Ring: Kozminsky for website click here



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