Euroa Butter Factory Wedding | Matt + Sharlee

Euroa Butter Factory Wedding | Matt + Sharlee

Food for thought
Matt + Sharlee’s Love Story

Great food really does bring people together, it nourishes mind and body and sometimes something even more magical happens, it plants a seed that grows into a lifelong love affair. Matt and Sharlee connected over food at work and the abundance of hilarious one liners in the movie Anchorman. He couldn’t resist the fusion of flirtatious cheek and nana like grace before him, his head swam with the realisation she indeed had beautiful eyes and her hair smelt like cinnamon. Ron Burgundy and the boys were onto something, nothing is a greater conversation starter than “Well, I could be wrong but I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship”. Irresistible were his charms with pick up lines like “I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany” followed with “I’m in a glass case of emotion” Nothing is sexier than a great sense of humour and they both walked this common ground with gusto.

If a recipe was ever made for that evening it would comprise of her glowing warmth, calmness and a smile for any emotion combined with his cheekiness and the way his bum looked in skinny jeans. Laughter filled any void there was between them. Matt is a pretty smart cookie so knew he was onto a great thing with “Edna” his nickname for his pretty lady with the old school charm. Showing her his spontaneous side he whisked her off to a resort called Qualia, in latin it means “a collection of deeper sensory experiences” one can only guess what happened there as these two do not kiss and tell. Three weeks later they found themselves in Paris in a fifth floor apartment, Matt would venture downstairs every morning to the markets and bring back a bounty of ham, cheese, croissants and orange juice for a divine breakfast in bed experience. He could not deny he was falling head over heels in love with her, even first thing in the morning with ruffled hair, bleary eyes and questionable breath.

Over years their love aged like a fine wine does as they learnt more about what makes each other tick. He discovered so many endearing quirks, being stubborn and getting furious at generally rude people then bursting into uncontrollable fits of laughter is not often endearing but when she does it, it is. Her “other language” made up in school continues to baffle him and she can hold her own with a Donald Duck impression battle. He adores her thick gorgeous hair and that she is utterly happy to go grey gracefully. There are those moments though that brighten his day every time, when she wonders around the house singing “If you’re happy and you know it” in Japanese, a warmth washes over him from head to toe. With every morning that passes one little hug means he never stops falling in love with her.

November 2011, Baroon Pocket Dam on the Sunshine Coast near where she grew up Matt randomly plonked Sharlee on a tree trunk next to their 8 month old Finn. In a gorgeously clumsy and unforgettable moment he nervously fumbled as he took her hand to place inside a ring as he asked her to marry him. She is his rock, his earth and his roots and he could not imagine a single day without her by his side. They shared so many proud moments, from dream jobs, publishing books, starting up many successful businesses and the defining moment when they chose to start their own family.

He challenges her and she relishes it. Time has taught her that when it comes to Matt he is never one to sit still. His happy place is most definitely when the soil is between his fingers as he plants, harvests, plans and dreams up the next big idea. Passionate about how we, as humans, will leave the planet and food resources for the next generation his social conscience, compassion and generosity inspires her. With every fibre in his body he truly wants to make change and create a better world. With their boys Finn and Jay he embodies teacher, friend and loving dad. Sometimes around a meal at night they all hold hands, his little family ground him in a way no one else can. He understands everyday together is for the moment of simply being, growing and engaging. They make him want to be a better man.

Time slowed as summer clouds lingered in the heavy hot air of the 2nd of January 2016. Side by side they prepared to celebrate their handcrafted wedding. Matt was frenetic, like a metal sphere of a pinball machine. Sharlee, acutely aware and in her usual mindful way became his homing beacon. In intervals he would gently touch her shoulder or run his fingers through her hair before heading off to do the next task. Under the planes trees at Euroa Butter Factory surrounded by their nearest and dearest they exchanged rings that were forged especially for them, basic and beautifully crafted, placing these rings on each others fingers they spoke humbly of the honest love they have for each other.

Guests all settled into an evening of delicious food and drink under the festoon lights of the courtyard, entree and some entertaining speeches had just passed when the sky turned black, a thunderstorm loomed threatening to move the party. The sky opened up, hailstones played a symphony on glassware and crockery as it dotted the tables at random. Although others may unravel at plans changing, not so here, Matt, Sharlee, Staff and Guests laughed with reckless abandon as in harmony they worked together to move under the shelter of the 114 year old butter and ice factory. Packed in wherever they could filling every available space they continued to toast, feast, dance and make merry into the summer night.

Unlike Ron and Veronica at the end of Anchorman who were 82% sure it was love, these two souls are 100% certifiably into each other and committed for life. Age may wear them physically as the dust surrounding them settles but time will only strengthen their bond. Together they will sit, hand in hand, understanding each other is most definitely their best adventure.






Food by: Pope Joan click here for website

Sharlee’s Dress by: Anthropologie click here for website

Sharlee’s Dress by: Anthropologie click here for website

His Suit: Uniqlo click here for website

His shoes: Clarks click here for website

Flowers by: Grown and Gathered click here for website

Cake: Sugar Florist click here for website

Celebrant: Kelly Rossi click here for website

Rings by: Studio Ingot click here for website

Matt got ready at: Euroa Butter Factory click here for website

Sharlee got ready at: Euroa Butter Factory click here for website

Invites: Greenvelope click here for website

Ceremony Location: Euroa Butter Factory Wedding click here for website

Reception Location: Euroa Butter Factory Wedding click here for website

Her Hair: Emel Guney click here for her hair pinterest board

Make Up: Meg Ellis click here for her Facebook page

DJ: Eleanor Butt click here for her linkedIn profile

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