Defining Motherhood | Luci + Sian


Defining Motherhood | Luci + Sian

A month ago in Sydney we had the pleasure of getting to know this awesome family better. We loved having Sian + Luci help us define motherhood as part of our book project. Owen sure is a lucky fella to have two wonderfully articulate and thoughtful role models guiding him through life. Looking forward to catching up again next year! 

Find out how Luci + Sian define motherhood when the book is released next year. In the meantime enjoy getting to know them better by reading their album family story for 2015.

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Coffee, Cuddle Monsters and Imaginary Bees

Luci, Sian and Owen’s Story

Like rollercoasters, ups and downs happen but in the end, you always find your feet on solid ground. Between the unwavering patience of Luci and the cool in a crisis Sian stability is a given in this inviting, light filled and incredibly organized home.

On a beautiful crystal clear summer evening in Sydney on Mardi Gras Eve six years ago fate stepped in to help Luci and Sian cross paths once more when a mutual friend reintroduced them. Sian was being welcomed home after she had finished her naval service in the Middle East. By the end of the evening the crowd had thinned, dips were empty and a great evening of engaging conversation was coming to a close between Sian and her suited up guest who had caught her eye. Wrapped in one little hug goodbye was the spark of electricity that left them both wanting more. Everyday after they spoke regardless of distance or time zone, within a week Luci was walking home daydreaming about what life may hold for the two of them. A flash came into her mind, Sian in uniform on the day they would marry.

Years later in Hong Kong they spotted a sign for a jeweler with Luci’s last name, they decided fate had stepped in once more and ordered their rings on the spot. On the harbour, they proposed to each other. They knew now they could not live without the other by their side. They were best friends, lovers and each other’s greatest fans. On 26 November 2011 at HMAS Penguin naval base they vowed, “I don’t need you, I choose you”

Two years of travel, work and friends filled their lives. Together they contemplated the thought of having a child and what that would mean for them both individually and as a couple. Luci was not sure but didn’t know why, being the complete nerd in the house she struggled to find graphs or a piece of technology to quantify her feelings. Sian always had family front of mind.

One autumn morning at the Blackman hotel in Melbourne Luci woke deciding to not let fear of the unknown dictate their lives. Turning to Sian she looked her in the eyes and uttered seven words that would change their lives. “Let’s do it, let’s have a baby” Surprised and overjoyed Sian looked at Luci, she had that look she gets sometimes, smiling with a reassurance in her eyes, in that moment she fell a little deeper in love. Knowing Luci always gave everything and everyone she cared for 110% she began thinking about what an incredible mum she would be. They looked out the window at balloons rising in the skyline on a beautiful day dreaming of what lay ahead.

Sian never one to get flustered was so practical and so very strong during her long induced labour. The day Owen arrived in their lives would prove to be the pinnacle of proud moments felt by Luci towards her giving and insightful wife. Although to some she appears somewhat gruff, bolshie and un-PC from the outside she knew her other side, soft, sweet, kind, strong, loving, loyal, smart and resourceful. All the qualities needed for her to be an amazing mum who wants the best for her child. Of course, at the time, she was also always right!

Sian had always possessed the knack for noticing what was needed, even if Luci was in denial about needing it. She would file facts away in her mind and take action at the next available opportunity. This is why Luci has never lacked for pajamas since they met. They brought home tiny Owen to their house in Petersham with it’s antique white colored walls and backyard sanctuary. Sian loved escaping to this space, to her it felt like being in Thailand with its huge palms, frangipani and giant birds of paradise. Luci’s sanctuary was her office.

Many late night hours were spent in Owens beautiful nursery with white trimmed grey painted walls and a wallpapered feature of yellow, white and grey stripes. The sun would rise, clad in their Sunday best pj’s after divine mornings of snuggles they learnt together how to care for him, always taking it in turns. Luci showed Sian she cared with the little things by keeping her coffee cup topped up and giving her precious half hour sleep ins.

During the early months as a family she would keep Sian laughing despite the baby induced delirium. Armed with her set of bad, daggy dad jokes, she put a smile on her dial whenever she could. Sian’s heart warmed as she drank in the moments watching Luci and Owen interacting when neither of them knew she was there looking over them.

One massive renovation and a year older they moved into their new home by the bay in Abbotsford. A place where they could enjoy long walks in the parklands, watermelon and fetta crumpets at the local cafe and the perfect backyard for chasing imaginary bees. Here each of them has a space of their own and a place to be themselves. Sian’s favorite room is the huge room downstairs, she calls it the great hall. One of Luci’s favourite places, not unexpectedly, is her office that looks over the stunning water views. In the quiet hours of the early morning, just as the sun is about to rise, she relishes time to reflect in her sanctuary of the whole upper floor. Some mornings it is the safe and inviting bedroom, with balcony views framing the new day before her.

Life is good for this trio. Watching Owen learn something new each day and seeing how proud of himself he gets when he masters something reminds them how fascinating the simple things can be. We tend to take those things for granted, as we grow older. The humble beauty of a flower fascinates him. He invites them to see the world through his eyes. A love of reading and learning is fostered through bedtime stories. When willing, they keep him feeling safe with morning cuddles in his big boys bed. A peace exists in these walls although the floors are covered in bunnies, dummies and books. They wouldn’t have it any other way.


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