Defining Motherhood | Carly


Defining Motherhood | Carly

Spending a morning together on a weekend is dearly cherished in this light filled home. You can read Carly’s take on motherhood, the ups and downs of real life raising children in our upcoming book ” defining motherhood “. Happy, Carly, Cooper + Billy a huge thanks for having us in your home and being a part of this heartwarmingly honest project. Read on to hear their 2015 Family story “It’s Elementary” : )

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It’s Elementary
Happy, Carly, Cooper + Billy’s  Story for their 2015 Family Album.

Five years of renovations have come to an end for the old girl they purchased together.  Standing proud she’d seen a few years but just like a fine wine, she just got better with age. Happy and Carly had decided life was dandy when they were side by side. He had first spotted her on the bus heading to Whistler ski fields in Canada, after the shenanigans of living in a lodge style share house with 16 mates and the bachelor pad ‘Cashmere’ now behind them this new home represented them both being ready to put down some roots. Happy, a builder and Carly, a nurse know every single corner of this home they have made for themselves. It’s where Cooper was carried through the doors as a tiny baby and just weeks ago his little baby brother Billy. The light drenched front hall filled with pictures leads to every room in the house, how they and their home have changed over the years. Rooms that once housed footy trophies, building supplies and last seasons clothes now hold their two most sacred possessions, their boys. Here they have created a sanctuary from their busy days hugged gently by dark brown earth covered in a blanket of the most impeccable lawn known to man. The backyard is where Cooper explores what it’s like to walk in dad’s shoes, delights in the sandpit, admires birds flying overhead and the morning sun shining through the trees. A place where countless friends and family members have whiled away the hours chatting about their lives and sharing their experiences on the deck.

Cooper’s floor is covered in books, including his two favourites Where’s the green sheep and 100 animals. Happily he shouts their name and makes their noises. Lines of plastic animals have been busy all day swimming and eating grass. Occasionally one falls victim to the lawnmower but Coops still loves them, headless or not. Snappy and Donkey stand guard bath side, ensuring Cooper some entertainment while washing away a day of play.  When night falls he pops off to bed to his big boy bed with his latest favourite bedtime item held affectionately under arm.. his cherished drink bottle of all things!

After a 5 hour labour tiny Billy entered the world, he spends his days and nights trying to figure out what the outside world is all about. The smallest things are an endless source of curiosity, it’s exhausting so sleep is his favourite activity. He is a mini cooper but with a tinge of ginger through his newborn soft hair. He makes his big brother weak at the knees, as if speaking a language of their own a new kind of giggle and higher pitch can be heard by cooper when he sees him. Gentle pats and occasional kisses tell him he will look after him.

Happy looks forward to more time at home with the kids on weekends now that he has retired from footy. Carly eagerly awaits again occasionally taking some precious time out again to focus on enjoying the company of her hubby. A calm, quiet joy exists between them, they are the best of mates. She amuses him to know end with her overt exaggerations and his incredible patience astounds her. They are proud of  the parents they have become and now also understand the value of giving themselves some time and space to be individuals amongst the demands of raising two small children. Together they constantly learn and discover what it is to be a young family. These walls contain so many fond memories, the old girl will indeed be missed as they have recently sold her. Paint brushes now on vacation, they will now begin dreaming as they craft plans for the new home they will build  over the coming two years.

There are no blueprints or permits held, just an positive attitude, a scrapbook of ideas and some seeds in their minds waiting to grow and become a pleasurable challenge.  One thing that is certain is what they want it to be for them all and maybe even one more little person one day. A space for living, something practical, comfortable and homely not a year round showroom vision of unattainable perfection. Wet towels will adorn the deck, ears will ring with squeals of laughter as Carly attempts to dive into the pool on a late summers afternoon. Spring, Autumn and Winter will provide the perfect reason for Happy to stay cosy around the fire pit, the one place in life where awkward silences don’t exist. Barbecues, backyard footy matches and drinks with friends will enrich their lives as they provide a hub to bring together old and new mates.

Many weekends of blood, sweet and tears will be involved to make it happen as they both juggle work, toddlers and maintaining their relationship as a couple. If it doesn’t all go to plan thats ok too, it’s their ‘make the best of it’ attitude that will see them through, after all they can always at least make a puddle for a pool and rub some sticks together for a fire to keep the home fires burning. Either way little hands will create a symphony as spanners and screwdrivers collide with timber offcuts and imprints of tiny feet will be hidden secrets in solid foundations.

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Want to build your dream home too? CLICK HERE to ask Nathan (aka Happy) or his partner Guy to help at Harper & Morphet in Railway Pde, Euroa

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