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Defining Motherhood


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At the time of this session Aoife was new to town, was looking after 3 small kids under 4 and a expecting a beautiful new baby girl in less than 2 weeks. Documenting possibly her last pregnancy and the exciting times that lay ahead for them as they begin to build their dream home in the country. Living in a rental property can be seen as difficult for most, not much flexibility and when its 40 degrees and you want an air conditioner installed it can be a challenge. Aoife and Paul instead relish the sense of freedom that comes from having most of your life packed away in boxes. It doesn’t matter that the kids have toys spread all over the house, it’s real life in it’s simplest form… and its beautiful.

Hear how Aoife defines motherhood is our ongoing book project ‘defining motherhood’ . For now you can get to know her better by reading her 2015 Family Album Story below.

Finding Home

Paul, Aoife, Willow, Lylah, Charlie & Scarlett’s Story.

After months of preparation in November 2014, this family full of delight and wonder embarked on an adventure. Together they moved from west to east sweeping across the plains of Australia with little more than a shipping container filled with their worldly possessions. Paul was coming home. Aoife would be the new kid on the block. They were excited about how they would create the new life for themselves, their three adorable children and their beautiful new baby girl, due to arrive in February. Possibly her last pregnancy Aoife relished every tumble and kick.

Both began building their dreams. He started construction of the shed at the block they had purchased in Longwood. She supported him whilst building a new life for them all. She met kind new people, and wrapped herself in the warmth of country hospitality and Paul’s large family.The home they would build was to be their ‘family home’, a security blanket for the little people in their lives. A sacred place for them that they would always look forward to coming back to. Together they felt raising kids in the country, with space, a close knit family and community would instill a value system to help them be strong adults, capable of making hard decisions, who love and know how to be loved.

Life moved fast and in the blink of an eye baby Scarlett had come into their lives. Just when you think your heart is full, like sand around stones she made their family complete. As babies do, she grew so quickly. Many little eyes watched over her as Willow, Lylah and Charlie involved her in their daily shenanigans. Like a sponge she soaked it all in.

Living in a rental property can be seen as difficult for most, not much flexibility. They chose however to see it differently, instead they relished the sense of freedom that comes from having most of your life packed away in boxes. It did not matter that the toys are spread all over the house, it is real life in its simplest form and it is beautiful. They were the happiest they had been despite the walls closing in on them.

While the trials and tribulations of four kids under five is a challenge, they wanted to be able to let the little things go and enjoy the tiny people they are. They knew they had only one shot to give them a childhood full of fond memories, and that takes your most precious commodity… time.

They soon realized between everyday routine, their jobs and the added pressure of the build that time together was in short supply and that needed to change. The move had given them what they needed but the build and working so hard had begun to take it away. Bravely they accepted that dreams evolve and sometimes plans can change, and that is ok.

Almost a year after first arriving in Euroa they saw a house there that ticked most of their boxes and it was temptingly ready to step into. So together, they opted for less focus on money, more on time.They look forward to welcoming in the New Year in their new house. It will be a home where growing up can wait. Always wanting the kids to feel secure and loved, they will create an environment that supports changes as they grow and the decisions they make.

Now days can be spent as a family, enjoying being human, making mistakes, learning from each and sharing their lives. After all, that is what has always been important.


To find out more about our incredibly moving personal book project ‘ defining motherhood ‘ head to the project tab or click here.


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