Getting Hitched by Mister+Lady | Heartwood

Getting Hitched by Mister+Lady | Heartwood

Fairlie & Scott throw an intimate country engagement party.

The grand plan is to get married when they eventually slow down enough to plan it. Super busy running their successful cold pressed juice business Cali Press in Bondi and living the beachside life next to the hustle and bustle of Sydney Fairlie & Scott took a weekend out to stop and catch up with good friends. Fairlie who originally hailed from Victoria corralled a few of their nearest and dearest at the Heartwood Hire farm in Glenaroua in North East Victoria to celebrate that these two will become husband and wife.

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The Story of Jesse & Kath

She’s a great catch & luckily he’s a great fisherman.Continue Reading..

Fun engagement shoot ideas | Keep Calm, We’re getting hitched!

Fun engagement shoot ideas

Keep Calm, we’re getting hitched!

The Story of Jaimee & Andy

Quite the  cosmopolitan pair Jaimee & Andy have lived all over the globe but when dream jobs becon you take the call! Melbourne it turns out is where they are destined to lay their hat & call home, well at least for a now. They met in London in a bar, Jaimee was more interested in Andy’s cheeky grin and dimpled cheeks than the rugby game they were meant to be watching. After an hour of sneaky looks and shy smiles she finally plucked up the courage to approach him. The love bug had bitten and so their story begins.Continue Reading..

Weddings by Mister+Lady | Love All

 Weddings by Mister+Lady | Love All

The story of Andrew & Bridie’s Wedding

Ask Bridie what she likes about Andrew, he’s loyal with a kind heart. 
Ask Andrew what he likes about Bridie, she’s smart with pretty good legs. 
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Weddings by Mister+Lady |3 of a kind

Weddings by Mister+Lady | Three of a kind

The story of Sarah+Lee’s wedding.

It was across the globe in London 7 years ago was when these two laid eyes on each other for the first time. The minute their eyes met the connection was instant and it was to be the beginning of the best kind of crazy whirlwind adventure either had embarked upon. Who would have known a chance meeting of his friends on the tube would lead Sarah to the man she would marry.Continue Reading..

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