Fun engagement shoot ideas | Keep Calm, We’re getting hitched!

Fun engagement shoot ideas

Keep Calm, we’re getting hitched!

The Story of Jaimee & Andy

Quite the  cosmopolitan pair Jaimee & Andy have lived all over the globe but when dream jobs becon you take the call! Melbourne it turns out is where they are destined to lay their hat & call home, well at least for a now. They met in London in a bar, Jaimee was more interested in Andy’s cheeky grin and dimpled cheeks than the rugby game they were meant to be watching. After an hour of sneaky looks and shy smiles she finally plucked up the courage to approach him. The love bug had bitten and so their story begins.Continue Reading..

Newborns by Mister+Lady | A New Beginning

Newborns by Mister+Lady | A New Beginning

The story of Tristan, Chenoah & Anja

On a trip to canada late one evening seeing one little line it turns out would spell for both Tristan & Chenoah the beginning of a very new exciting chapter in their lives. They would welcome a much loved, most cherished & spirited soul into this world.Continue Reading..

Protected: Family by Mister+Lady | Together

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Mister+Lady | Euroa Butter Factory |One Day.. Home

Mister+Lady | Euroa Butter Factory | One Day.. Home

The Story of Russ, Bec, Will, Ollie, Cam & a beautiful old butter factory.


3 years ago, the idea of being 7,911 km away was both an exciting and scary proposition. Russ had been offered a job just too good to pass up in Hanoi Vietnam. It was to be an adventure for the whole family and offer them the opportunity to have their lives enriched by being together immersed in a completely different culture. Some would see it as a challenge too great, for Russ & Bec it was just another string in their bow of the crazy chaotic life they relished. It would however mean leaving behind their beloved Butter Factory.

Life up to this point had meant having three small children each with endearing qualities, a marvelous old butter factory and establishing a thriving business all whilst Russ maintained his job in Melbourne to help fund the dream. During the week Bec worked hard on the property and running it as a boutique bed and breakfast. Both were working so hard to realize their dream of one day turning the blueprint of what it could be in their minds into a reality.Continue Reading..

Celebrations by Mister+Lady | 80 and still a gentle man

Celebrations by Mister+Lady | 80 and still a gentle man

The Story of Harold’s 80th Birthday Celebration

A gorgeous clear blue sky would be reign overhead when Harold’s and his family’s 2 years in the planning would come together to celebrate the milestone of his 80th. Each ten years marks another decade of living a life surrounded by good friends and family and his lovely wife Roma. Almost immediately he begins to look forward to the next milestone as soon as one party is tidied up…to read more and see more pickies click hereContinue Reading..

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