Being Vulnerable | Our Personal Project

Being Vulnerable | Our Personal Project

Sometimes in life you cross paths with people who inspire you, guide you and accept you for who you are. You can meet and find yourself within mere hours embracing and sharing tears. You allow yourself to be vulnerable in each others presence. Some may need some dutch courage in the form of a bottle of booze but not us. Heart on sleeve is how we roll. You leave each other feeling uplifted by each others spirit. By chance Brett and Julien walked into our shopfront in mid November last year. They had both been travelling and exploring who they truly were and how they fit in this world. We shared an incredible afternoon connecting, everything was discussed, life, love, photography, vulnerability, even earthships and little houses.Continue Reading..

Mister+Lady Photographic Art | Natura Obscuram

Photographic Art by Mister+Lady | Natura Obscuram

Photographic Art | Transmitting serenity in this external chaos.

Together we have recently worked on a series of photographic artworks focusing on both man made and natural elements in a graphic representation. For a couple of years now we have been exploring the age old tradition of mandalas with a twist. Originally we created many artworks from natural elements and discovered the random nature of these made very interesting and intricate patterns.Continue Reading..

Photographic Art by Mister+Lady| Bespoked

Photographic Art by  Mister+Lady | Bespoked

Travel photography is always great as you are away from your ho hum everyday life and living it up generally somewhere far more interesting. Bespoked is a series of images depicting the push bike culture in China from my (Mister) trip there in 2011. From the elderly to infants the humble pushbike certainly serves it’s purpose in this part of the world. It is such an integral part of their lives. I was hired to shoot a corporate video for Caltex and found myself fascinated by the different types of bikes and types of people he was exposed to in a mere 10 days. I’d like to get back to this part of the world again, after all I do love yummy asian food. Black and White was chosen for the treatment of this collection as it is great for allowing the eyes to see the subject and not be distracted by bright bold colours.

Photographic Art for a creative community.

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