Portraits by Mister + Lady | 3 generations by a tea-party wall.

 The Story of Leah, Struan, Nicky & Ocean

Enter into the garden and you could be forgiven for thinking you had stepped into a version of Alice In Wonderland. The bell chime flowers ring out after a little girl’s hand reaches out to push them on her way past while running down the path. The sculpture in the tree could indeed be a version of the cheshire cat. But nothing compares to the creation of the tea party wall that is being built by the hands, hearts and souls of three generations. The sun is shining on this beautiful crisp winter morning spent out under the awning.Continue Reading..

Portraits by Mister+Lady | Play, Laughter and Alphabetised Books

Mister+Lady Portraits | The story of Stu, Em & Charlie

Spending time taking portraits of this fun, carefree & witty family is effortless. There is nothing quite like the warmth of Em’s smile as she greets you at the door, her whole face lights up. You know the kind of person who you instantly feel at ease with. Her passion is everything 80’s and it well and truly lives on in this house. From the tunes playing through the dock on Pandora, prints on the walls to the clothes collection she currently can’t fit into. Yep, bubba No 2 is on the way.Continue Reading..

Mister+Lady Portraits| Loving the Arts & Each Other

Portraits by Mister+Lady | The story of Andy, Sarah & Sebastian

It’s was a sunny tuesday morning and the air was electric as it was an exciting morning for this young family. A house they were interested in was up for auction the next day and they were weighing up the pros and cons of a potential move. Dreaming of more space for little sebastian to play outside and spread their wings a little more. Even though there was a goal to move on eventually you could tell that this little flat housed memories of their life both BC(BeforeChildren) and AS(AfterSebastian).Continue Reading..

Birth Photography by Mister+Lady | Welcoming Aliana

The Story of Brian, Katheryn, Bianca, Ryan & Aliana

Brian & Katheryn were due to welcome their new addition to the family by scheduled C section. This was to be a family affair as it was shared with both his and her parents and his brother & sister-in-law. Giggles, laughter and joking could be heard as the preparations were being made. Katheryn excitedly chatters and enjoys feeling those last few kicks and turns.Continue Reading..

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