Carlton Gardens Wedding | Ascot House

Carlton Gardens Wedding | Ascot House

Ziggy + Kana had a beautiful Carlton Gardens Wedding on November 22nd 2015.

East meets West

Ziggy + Kana’s Love Story

Her first saw her stepping onto a train in brisbane on a dry april day. He had never before seen a girl look sad but so incredible beautiful as she would sneak glimpses of his emerald green eyes through her hair. Letting fate decide he vowed if they got off at the same stop he would get the courage to ask her what was wrong. They both stepped off the train in unison and after asking her she responded with a blank expression and a simple “nothing is wrong” curious she asked him “why did you think something was wrong?” Fearing there may be a language barrier he pulled a ridiculous crying face making her giggle, they went for coffee immediately. This sunny day marked the start of six months of discovery, armed with patience and the only japanese word he knew oba-san(aunty) together they explored Brisbane, each others personalities, core values and cultures, loving every moment.

His logical thinking and romantic gestures became the yin to her yan as she gradually and naturally fall in love with him.  Between his incredibly long eyelashes, almost ninja like ability to move super fast when required, and adorable Aikido moves (even though he thinks he looks cool) were too much for her to resist, she knew he was the one. When being totally serious and talking about a topic he knew well she would be mesmerised by they way his face moved while he talked, maybe this explains why he thinks she has the patience of a saint and can listen forever without getting upset or angry.

The way she looked in yoga pants, her cute button nose, her tight dance moves and crazy good wrapping skills only made him fall even more. It is a mixture of her being beautiful, cute, silly, patient, honest, caring and earnest that makes her irresistible. So endearing even in her most adorable hypochondriac moments, curled up in bed saying ‘i almost die”and asking him regularly if she had a temperature (98% of the time it was no). Occasionally he would still tenderly whip up some chicken soup and hold her hand until she felt better. She thrilled him by getting her HR qualification with distinctions in english while she was amused to no end by his attempts to speak the most western sounding Japanese known to mankind.

18 months passed, knowing he was seriously head over heels about her they made the choice to uproot themselves and have an adventure living in New Zealand for two years before returning to Melbourne. Neither of them knowing a soul they yet again discovered more about themselves and met wonderful friends along the way. Always by her side he showed her and those he loved a respect that is now rare. Pride increased with every beat of her heart each time she saw him regularly visiting his aged grandparents, gently helping his grandmother feel comfortable and contently listening to her every word. She would know he would always be there for her.

Together they ventured on a little trips to Japan. It was at one of these trips Ziggy summoned the courage to ask Kana’s father for his approval to marry her, she was surprised by the timing and overwhelmed by his respect for her traditions all in one moment. In the cold mountains of Hakone during a romantic hot springs getaway they kept warm one evening as she started to drift off to sleep, surrounded by the warmth of woven bamboo floors, roll out thick futons and tiny tables and wearing Yukawa (traditional casual kimono) they felt like the only two people on the planet. Slowly he gently pulled from his hanging sleeve an engagement ring and asked for her hand. Through her dreamy haze realising what he was asking she woke up extremely excited and said yes immediately.

Their wedding day arrived and morning clouds blew away to unveil a gorgeous sunny day in the Carlton Gardens in Melbourne before the majestic Royal Exhibition Building. A tri-lingual affair honoured both sets of customs seamlessly with onlookers admiring them both under rice paper umbrellas. A day for family friends and most of all good times they soaked up precious time with their nearest and dearest. A love of incredible food, books and the great outdoors saw them hop skip and jump around the city with their closest pals before heading to where the party would well and truly start.

Within moments of entering the band electrified the air with the infectious sounds of “Hava Nagila” as the Jewish tradition of the Hora (Chair Dance) began. A few strong and brave guests hoisted both Ziggy and Kana on chairs and raised above them above the ecstatic crowd, as they tried not to look (or fall) down in a whirlwind of tightly packed enthusiasm,  married life had truly started with a flurry of excitement. Together they wowed their guests with a dance performance and followed by a dance off with bridal party. Sake was sipped, photo booth lit up with reckless abandon and later they once more settled into the night donning ceremonial kimonos.

For one glorious day and night east met west perfectly, they know their are no boundaries in love, not language, not distance, two kind souls who stepped off a train together all those years ago now look forward the journey of their lives until they are old and frail themselves.


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Celebrant- Seven Blessings – click here for website

Reception – Ascot House – click here for website

Band – Baker Boys – click here for website

Flowers- Flower Temple  – click here for website

Hair / Make Up- Unique U Makeovers – click here for website

Videography – Purple Ribbon – click here for website

Limousine – 1300limosines – click here for website

Ceremony Styling – Weddings of Distinction – click here for website

Harpist – Lady Shaula – click here for website

Ceremony Venue – Carlton Gardens – click here for website

Location – State Library Victoria – click here for website

Location – Pellegrini’s Expresso Bar – click here for website

Location – Melbourne Museum – click here for website

Location – Royal Exhibition Building – click here for website


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