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Benalla Wedding Photographer

Genevieve + Michael

Benalla Wedding Photographer

On their blind date Genevieve first noticed Michael’s gorgeous blue eyes, and cheeky smile. His country farmer outfit stood out like a sore thumb in Fitzroy at the time, RM williams boots weren’t exactly common place in those neck of the woods at the time like they are now, turns out he is quite the trendsetter. Michael however wasn’t focused on looking down, not even to check out his farmers sock tan, he was way too focused on Gen’s friendly smile and soft face.

Over 18 months they got to know each other more before officially becoming a couple. He really impressed her with how polite and well mannered her was, a real gentleman. She was hooked. Her family only knew of him as “the farmer”.  He knew how to calm her, she would always be there and be honest with him. They grew to rely on each other.

Years later in the dark on their annual New Zealand holiday, just as they were going to sleep on their first night Michael proposed. It totally caught her by surprise! Spending the next day with a farming contractor however wasn’t ideal!! Mike was clever enough to know it wasn’t exactly notebook material so the following day he got down on one knee and reenacted the proposal on a mountain walk over lake Wanaka. Clearly she said yes.. again.

The morning of the 8th of October arrived, while Michael and the boys put the finishing touches to the wedding set up Gen enjoyed champers and dancing with the girls at their beautiful home in Benalla. After a very wet lead up in sleepy little violet town the sun came out for these two lovebirds. On Michaels family farm Kingston Grove they said I do. Surrounded by spectacular scenery and the warmth of loving family and friends they became husband and wife. Woo Hoo!

Now they look forward to loads more sneaky cuddles while making their morning coffee, planning for the future and maybe one day creating a family of their own. Gen loves the way he is with her nieces, her heart melts seeing his gentle side shine through when around kids and their puppy Jemima. A nurturer with a winning smile, Gen knows Michael values family, as long as they are side by side she can rest assured she is in capable and dependable hands, even if the do smell like the paddock 🙂

Suit:  M J Bale
Her shoes:  Alan Pinkus 
His shoes:  RM Williams
Invites:  I Make Jelly
Flowers:  Blooms On Bridge
Band:  Scott&Amanda
Decorations:  GV Partyhire
Benalla Wedding Photographer
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