Being Vulnerable | Our Personal Project

Being Vulnerable | Our Personal Project

Sometimes in life you cross paths with people who inspire you, guide you and accept you for who you are. You can meet and find yourself within mere hours embracing and sharing tears. You allow yourself to be vulnerable in each others presence. Some may need some dutch courage in the form of a bottle of booze but not us. Heart on sleeve is how we roll. You leave each other feeling uplifted by each others spirit. By chance Brett and Julien walked into our shopfront in mid November last year. They had both been travelling and exploring who they truly were and how they fit in this world. We shared an incredible afternoon connecting, everything was discussed, life, love, photography, vulnerability, even earthships and little houses.

After a wonderful afternoon of connection Julien and Brett asked me to photograph them. He wanted to capture who he was in this moment. We had been discussing how being photographed is a really personal experience that sometimes requires letting the whole world in through your eyes. It’s not just the end result that stays with you… it’s that you experienced it, reflected upon your own image and accepted yourself for who you are. It’s about being Brave. Allowing others to see into your soul requires immense courage and makes you vulnerable. For only through allowing others to see our imperfection do we truly grow.

Dan and I have both been exploring this topic over the past year personally and have loved discussing it with others. Learn more is by watching Brene Brown’s first Ted Talk below as she discusses briefly the power of vulnerability.

If you watch this and want more head to and get yourself The Power of Vulnerability. Listen to Brene herself elaborate in only a way she can from a conference she did after the above talk went viral.


So together we now journey into a new realm for us. We are going to keep it simple, connect with others who are genuinely happy to share with us and explore more why striving to be the impossible perfect is sooooooo yesterday. It simply does not exist. It will be a long term project and we still don’t know how it will manifest. Whatever happens, we are excited. This personal project is driven by feeling not thinking. Join us.

Now let me share with you some words from Brett & Julien as they allow you in to experience who they think they are.



Who are you ?

I thought, that’s typically the kind of question I would have tried hard to answer a few years ago and I would have put some nice ideas like curiosity, open mindedness and all that. But today, I could just think that I am someone getting closer to who I feel like being deep inside, and I don’t think that words could be accurately reflecting it.

Are you happy with yourself ?

My first thought is YES, frankly Julien, I’m really proud of what you’ve become and your honesty about yourself, I don’t think you could have done better.

Are you changing the world ?

I think so and in a very different way and scale than what I would have expected a few years ago. I wanted to change the whole world and make everything and everybody perfect -whatever what that means- but today, I’m changing me and the few people that I come across, and not to make them perfect or something different, more to make them feel that they already are perfect and that only changes that come from their inner selves are worth striving for. And I apply that to myself in the first place.


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Photo 1:

I close my eyes & I drift away……..
I am floating in eternity, all is still.
A voice comes to me prompting me to respond….

“Visualise yourself in 5 years time. Where will you be? What life will you be living?”


Instantly my mind is transported to another place. My body remains still, facing the barrel of the lens but truly I am somewhere else.
 “3,2,1…….now open your eyes” the voice echoes from a distance, that place where my body remains.
 I open my eyes and gaze upon my future.
 I feel it more rapidly than I see it as a wave of emotion envelopes me. I can’t resist the reaction that this emotion evokes.
I’m standing on a small rise gazing down on a beautiful tract of land undulating before me. The view I witness palpitates with beauty & abundance. The sound of laughter trickles up to me from below as a group of friends joke with each other in the veggie garden as they harvest a variety of goodies for lunch.
To my left I see the young orchard taking shape a children dart back and forth between the rows of trees playing tip and chase.
The warm spring sun shines down on the communal area below as others lounge about in the shade catching up as old friends do.
The harmony of the scene fills me with such palpable joy that an irrepressible smile splits my face like a ripe melon.
I open my eyes joyfully and gaze upon the sanctuary of my future.
being vulnerable, personal project, mister and lady, mister + lady, professional photogphers, euroa photographer, the power of vulnerability

Photo 2:

“Close your eyes , let the world fall away once again,  stay in your head. I want you to think about who you are as a person.”


“How do you define yourself? How do you see yourself?


On the count of 3 open your eyes and show me who you are…..”
My eyes close and the scene of the property of my future fades before my eyes, but the feeling I have for what I witnessed does not fade, in fact it grows stronger.
The feeling inside is very familiar to me. It is the emotion that I have come to welcome every day. It is the emotion , for so long hidden from me that now defines me. I cannot define myself in any other way except via this emotion.
The voice counts down….”3,2,1.”
 The emotion wells up from deep within.  A familiar life long friend. The only way I can define myself is through this emotion.
I open my eyes and manifest my reality. I am a being of love.
 Although time and space may separate us as you look upon my photo know that I feel only love for you, for we are one.  I feel so grateful for the chance to connect with you through Kobe’s beautiful photography. If you’ll let me allow my love to plant a smile in your heart. Thank you for being the awesome person that you are.
With love and gratitude,


© Photography by Mister+Lady


So this post isn’t perfect… But that is the point.

Until Next Time.

I’m so very glad I got to meet you Julien and Brett. You have enriched my life.


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