Defining Motherhood – Aoife

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Defining Motherhood


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At the time of this session Aoife was new to town, was looking after 3 small kids under 4 and a expecting a beautiful new baby girl in less than 2 weeks. Documenting possibly her last pregnancy and the exciting times that lay ahead for them as they begin to build their dream home in the country. Living in a rental property can be seen as difficult for most, not much flexibility and when its 40 degrees and you want an air conditioner installed it can be a challenge. Aoife and Paul instead relish the sense of freedom that comes from having most of your life packed away in boxes. It doesn’t matter that the kids have toys spread all over the house, it’s real life in it’s simplest form… and its beautiful.

Hear how Aoife defines motherhood is our ongoing book project ‘defining motherhood’ . For now you can get to know her better by reading her 2015 Family Album Story below.Continue Reading..

Getting Hitched by Mister+Lady | Heartwood

Getting Hitched by Mister+Lady | Heartwood

Fairlie & Scott throw an intimate country engagement party.

The grand plan is to get married when they eventually slow down enough to plan it. Super busy running their successful cold pressed juice business Cali Press in Bondi and living the beachside life next to the hustle and bustle of Sydney Fairlie & Scott took a weekend out to stop and catch up with good friends. Fairlie who originally hailed from Victoria corralled a few of their nearest and dearest at the Heartwood Hire farm in Glenaroua in North East Victoria to celebrate that these two will become husband and wife.

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Focus on Family by Mister+Lady | Any Given Sunday

Focus on Family by Mister+Lady | Any Given Sunday

The story of Josh, Ebony, Harvey, Charlotte, Buddy & Rowdy

Clouds rolled in on a typical Sunday in May at the Bell household where there is a focus on family. Enough to make it cosy and warm inside while Ebony, Harvey & Charlotte played a few games of Uno as Josh watches a bit of the game in the shed. He enjoys having a few moments peace before the afternoon match starts on his own turf. Squeals of laughter ring through the house and each round of cards are played out while Buddy & Rowdy the dogs warm themselves by the heater.

Heights are marked in the doorways and walls proudly exhibit the recent artworks and achievements. If walls could talk they would agree the phrase written on them comes true each day. Laughter, warmth, hope and memories are being made here on a daily basis.

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The Story of Jesse & Kath

She’s a great catch & luckily he’s a great fisherman.Continue Reading..

Defining Motherhood by Mister+Lady

Defining Motherhood By Mister+Lady

Pat + Jess

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