Defining Motherhood – Melinda

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Defining Motherhood Book Project


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Melinda recently became a part of our defining motherhood book project.

It was so serene spending a morning in your home Melinda. There is a magic within your walls and personality plus in your incredible young boy Will. Melinda your compassion and insight is wonderful.

I am lost for words (very rare for me). But I will try.

I cannot begin to tell you all how dear this project is to my heart.  A thanks goes out for opening your hearts and minds to each and every participant. Together we make this time and space in our lives more understood. Even though it makes me overwhelmed and nervous I look forward to begin the process of writing your stories for this incredible book next year. Your stories will help so many who read them. So honoured and proud to be a part of this wonderful, varied and crazy thing we call “motherhood”.

Do you know someone who should be a part of this project? Tell us about them.

To register and find out more about this incredibly moving project click here or head to the projects tab on our website. Happy to chat over the phone to give more information about the process.




Natural Family Portraits | Perfectly Imperfect

Natural Family Portraits | Perfectly Imperfect

Rusty, Sarah, Raymond & Luca’s Story

Picture perfect on the outside, joyful mess on the inside, this describes not only the Treloar family home but also the human beings that occupy it. Here it’s ok to make mistakes, accept and forgive. The focus is on what is truly important to them as both individuals and a united circle of strength and love. Every crisis they face together makes their circle stronger.Continue Reading..

Relaxed Country Wedding |A New Branch.

Relaxed Country Wedding | A new branch.

Enjoy reading Andrew + Courtney’s Love Story.

Feel free to let them and us know your thoughts by leaving a comment at the end.

Andrew began falling in love with red headed Courtney from across the room on their first date. She made such an impression with her passion for her work as a pharmacist, PhD studies and her ‘never give up’ attitude. They had many things in common; including their surnames spelt the exact same way. Knowing there was no way they were related, she began to let her 6’2″ smartly dressed date into her world. Unlike those before him, he had earnt himself a second encounter.Continue Reading..

Quirky Alternative Intimate Wedding | The Book of Love

Love what you have seen and want to wish them well? Send your message to them in the comments section 🙂

Quirky Alternative Intimate Wedding

The story of Grzesiek + Ela

After a long run of cold wintery days the sun decided to shine on the day Grzesiek + Ela wed. Birds soared above gliding their way over the strathbogie ranges in north east Victoria. This wasn’t to be your usual wedding, traditions were out the window as they both prepared for their day. One that was truly about sharing their love with family and friends in a intimate way. Strolling around in your tracky dacks whilst building fires, setting out the buffet and putting the finishing touches on the shed 2 hours before your ceremony would make most brides shudder but today this bride did exactly that.

A calm lingered in the air, that sense of quiet excitement that only a carefree attitude can bring. Clothes and bags, boxes and bowls filled the lounge in controlled chaos at the Crowes’s Nest homestead. Some close friends were already there to lend a helping hand where they could. An extension of the support they had already shown Ela over the years she had spent separated from Grzesiek. They had continued to love each each day despite the 9,677 miles between them, not an easy feat. Today would mark the beginning of the 6 week countdown to when their lives join together in time and space. Soon he can wake to drink in the smell of her freshly washed hair knowing they aren’t on borrowed time. It’s the simple things you crave when your have to be apart from the one you love. Bliss is preparing a home grown meal and delighting in lazy sunday afternoon reading sessions together, time standing still for a while.Continue Reading..

Quirky Wedding | The 3 Bears

Quirky Wedding | The 3 Bears

The Story of Mikey, Tegan & Harrison

The day before their wedding we received this email from Mikey.
We think it describes the morning perfectly 🙂

Continue Reading..

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