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The Story of Petra

Today we shine the spotlight on emerging Melbourne based artist with our Artist Profile for Petra Nicel.

‘Hold Dear’  her current exhibition is being held in the Sheila Ink Gallery in Euroa, North East Victoria and sponsored by Maygars Hill, Vineyard and Cottage.

Inspired by the delicate human body, she creates a series of paintings and photographic works which respond to a variety of unique perspectives on the idea of one’s own body being the most fundamental of physical amities.

Using abstraction and obscurity of form, the artist portrays the sensitive ways in which we interact and connect with our own bodies to express, move and experience.

Mister+Lady were so taken with Petra’s monochromatic masterpieces we put our money where our mouth is and have purchased two for ourselves to admire 🙂 Titled “It’s really just a vessel for all the stuff you do in life”

Petra’s opinion on this piece is “Each day that passes brings new experiences, and my body carries me through those experiences, so that my mind can soak up all that life has to offer. My body exposes me to every positive experience I have ever had; it sees all my successes, and for that, I have everything to thank it for. In the process of thanking our intelligence, our quick thinking, our humour and our confidence for our knowledge and encounters, we should thank our body for supporting every one of those blessings that we find along the way. My body is my oldest friend, the most fundamental of physical amities. It has been there from my first day, to this very minute, and I am grateful for it’s endurance and strength.”

Now come with us to get to know Petra and also get a sneak peek behind the scenes of her exhibition session. go behind the scenes to see how the magic is made.

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