Euroa Butter Factory Photographer | Donna+James

Euroa Butter Factory Photographer

Minutes to Midnight
The story of Donna + James

Donna thinks James is a great catch, a strapping young man with perfect neat blonde hair when they met, so convinced infact she tried setting him up with her own friend. A bold move some might say for how you go about wooing your future husband but that pretty much sums up Donna in a nutshell, intimidatingly confident she possesses the ability to talk to anyone, anywhere at anytime, but don’t be fooled. At the heart of this outwardly bubbly soul is a softer side with a caring and helpful nature beyond compare. Continue Reading..

Glen Erin Lancefield Wedding | Moo + Drew

Glen Erin Lancefield Wedding | Moo + Drew

Glen Erin Lancefield Wedding

Teacher Knows Best
Melinda + Andrew’s Love Story

Once upon a time there was a girl named Melinda and a boy named Andrew – otherwise known as Moo and Drew by those near and dear. For many years, they lived separate lives, unaware the other even existed. Though at times they were surrounded by others, over time they both felt a growing sense of loneliness. Something was missing from their happiness puzzle. Then one day, as fate would have it, through teaching they met. It was not love at first sight. He noticed she wasn’t exactly a whizz at maths. For her, his utter disregard for “Use by” dates was concerning to say the least. However very quickly they became great friends. From workplace games of hide-and-seek with rotting food to nights spent checking out their favourite bands, drinking, arguing, drinking some more and laughing. Sitting on a picnic blanket at his birthday, Moo noticed Drew standing by the bank of the Yarra and found herself admiring him like never before. She realised that this funny, creative, cheeky, mischievous man with a solid sense of adventure was the love of her life. Some time later, and after much consideration, Drew asked a question: “So I put it to you then… Do you want to risk it all and try boyfriend/girlfriend?” Well that was the gist of what the text message said. After some negotiating, Moo was on board. MooDrew was born.Continue Reading..

Euroa Butter Factory Wedding | Matt + Sharlee

Euroa Butter Factory Wedding | Matt + Sharlee

Food for thought
Matt + Sharlee’s Love Story

Great food really does bring people together, it nourishes mind and body and sometimes something even more magical happens, it plants a seed that grows into a lifelong love affair. Matt and Sharlee connected over food at work and the abundance of hilarious one liners in the movie Anchorman. He couldn’t resist the fusion of flirtatious cheek and nana like grace before him, his head swam with the realisation she indeed had beautiful eyes and her hair smelt like cinnamon. Ron Burgundy and the boys were onto something, nothing is a greater conversation starter than “Well, I could be wrong but I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship”. Irresistible were his charms with pick up lines like “I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany” followed with “I’m in a glass case of emotion” Nothing is sexier than a great sense of humour and they both walked this common ground with gusto.Continue Reading..

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