Birth Photography by Mister+Lady | Welcoming Aliana

The Story of Brian, Katheryn, Bianca, Ryan & Aliana

Brian & Katheryn were due to welcome their new addition to the family by scheduled C section. This was to be a family affair as it was shared with both his and her parents and his brother & sister-in-law. Giggles, laughter and joking could be heard as the preparations were being made. Katheryn excitedly chatters and enjoys feeling those last few kicks and turns.Continue Reading..

Mister+Lady Photographic Art | Natura Obscuram

Photographic Art by Mister+Lady | Natura Obscuram

Photographic Art | Transmitting serenity in this external chaos.

Together we have recently worked on a series of photographic artworks focusing on both man made and natural elements in a graphic representation. For a couple of years now we have been exploring the age old tradition of mandalas with a twist. Originally we created many artworks from natural elements and discovered the random nature of these made very interesting and intricate patterns.Continue Reading..

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