Theatre Company Photography by Mister+Lady |Making Beautiful Art

Theatre Company Photography by Mister+Lady | Making Beautiful Art

Construction of the Human Heart

Making Beautiful Art | Mister+Lady

Making Beautiful Art | Mister+Lady

We worked with The Apocalypse Theatre Company recently for their upcoming performance of Construction of the Human Heart. It’s a complex performance in it’s emotional journey yet visually very stripped back. Simplicity is the hardest thing to do well but the cast and director Dino Dimitriadis utterly nailed it. Creating these images was a life changing experience. It has sparked a passion for collaboration with those involved with theatre.Continue Reading..

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Yay us…Today we ditched our old pages and launched our Mister+Lady Facebook page. It is our creative outlet and connection to you all. xoxo

Mister and Lady is born

Mister and Lady is born.

On 13 March 2014, Kobe and Dan launched Mister+Lady from half way across the world, in Bali. They were pool-side for a week planning, implementing, designing and creating something to be proud of, joining together in an unstoppable dynamic duo! How lucky their clients are to get the best of both worlds with their combined experience and talents. For creative & quirky Weddings, Portraits & Commercial photography they are your go to photographers.

Services Include :

Wedding photography service Australia Wide

Portraits for Children, Babies, Pregnancy, Couples & Family Lifestyle Portraits. Both studio and on location.

Commercial Photography

Real Estate





Mister and Lady, your photographic narrators for a creative community.


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